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Corporate History And Honors
  • 2020

    In July, Ali International Station was openedhttp://Schneider-sh.en.Alibaba.com,Obtained TUV certification;

  • 2019

    Obtained a special patent for the appearance design of an air compressor,专利号:ZL 2008 2 0056839.7

  • 2018

    The integrated air compressor unit for subway;

    The air freeze-drying device used for the subway dedicated air integrated compressor unit;

    Permanent magnet air compressor unit;

    Air screw compressor with rotor displacement protection device;

  • 2017

    Lower pressure air compressor

    Become the drafting unit and main drafter of the national industry standard "JB/T 13345-2017 Integrated Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor"

    Obtained the Shanghai Municipal "Specialized, Specialized, New" SME certificate issued by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology

  • 2016

    Oil and gas separators for lower pressure air compressors;

  • 2014

    Participated in the research project "A Preliminary Study of China's Industry Code of Conduct"

  • 2013

    Air compressor unit driven by rare earth permanent magnet motor;

    Shanghai Commercial News reporter/Shanghai Small and Medium Enterprise Office in March interviewed the company’s president on the topic of "Specialization, Special Innovation" and published a special report. At the same time, he was selected as the cover character of the April Small and Medium Enterprise Magazine;

    Our company's "large-scale intelligent compressor device research and development industrialization project" successfully passed the expert review of the Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Commission, and won the second batch of Shanghai key technological transformation special fund support of 5 million yuan in 2013;

  • 2011

    Double frequency conversion air compressor unit

    Screw alloy for twin-screw air compressor and preparation method thereof

    The company's high scores passed the evaluation and acceptance of the expert group of "Creating a National AAAA-level Standardized Good Behavior Demonstration Enterprise". In March, it won the national AAAA-level standardization certificate and won the only "standardization collective honor award".

    SRC750SWG screw air compressor successfully obtained the approval of "Shanghai High Salary Technology Achievement Transformation Project", and the government has preferential tax reduction policies for enterprises

    Our company's "High-tech Standardization" successfully obtained the support of "Shanghai High-tech Standardization Demonstration Project",

    "Internet of Things Remote Monitoring Development and Application" was supported by "Shanghai Informatization Development Special Fund Project"

    Our company's "High-tech Standardization" successfully obtained the support of "Shanghai High-tech Standardization Demonstration Project",

    Our company was rated as a "Specialized, Specialized, New" enterprise by the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Center of the Shanghai Economic Commission, and was nurtured by the government as a "little giant", laying a solid foundation for the promotion of the company's listing in 2017

    News Scanners from Baoshan TV Station came to our group for interviews, with the theme of "Improving Services and Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" to report on the operating characteristics of benchmarking companies

    News scanning reporters from Baoshan TV Station came to our group for an interview, and conducted an interview and report on the development and application of our company’s IoT remote monitoring technology on the theme of "Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization, Promoting Baoshan’s Economic Development"

    News scanning reporters from Baoshan TV Station came to our group for an interview, and conducted an interview and report on the development of our company's leading high-tech standardization work on the theme of "Standardization Leads Baoshan Quality to Prosper District"

  • 2010

    Energy-saving air compressor with self-heating kinetic energy;

    Low noise air compressor unit connected by Bowen tube;

    Air compressor driven by steam turbine;

    President Yang Chunqian won the honor of "Advanced Individual" in Shanghai Standardization Management Demonstration Enterprise;

    The company created "National Laboratory-Postdoctoral Workstation";

    The company established the "Research Center for the Code of Conduct in the Machinery Industry";

    The company established the "GPRS Internet of Things Research Center";

    The company established the "Research Center for Thermal Energy Recovery and Utilization Technology";

    The company prepares to build an "intelligent air compressor production line";

  • 2009

    Environment-friendly air compressor with heat comprehensive utilization mechanism

    Twin screw air compressor screw rotor

    Air compressor remote wireless monitoring and diagnosis system and method

    The company was awarded  the honor of""High-tech Enterprise""

    The company's ""SRC-M Twin Screw Air Compressor" "product won the honor of""Shanghai Key New Product"

  • 2008

    Twin-screw air compressor main engine Air compressor intake valve Patent Mining certificate;

  • 2007

    "Single and twin screw SRC type" series of products. The company's credit rating was rated as "AAA" credit enterprise

  • 2005

    "SRC Joint Control Single Screw Air Compressor" series products;

  • 2004

    Introduced German ALUP main engine technology "Air compressor intelligent control method" won the honor of invention patent

  • 2003

    Relocated on October 4 and obtained the credit rating certificate;

  • 2001

    From 2001 to 2007, there are 4 honors of "Recommended Products for Engineering Construction"-"Air Compressor Series" products

  • 2000

    In January, the company was established in business registration and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification;

  • 1999

    The company organized the single-screw air compressor technology research and development and production team led by Mr. Qiu Guanglin to realize the mass production of the single-screw compressor

  • 1975

    Mr. Qiu Guanglin, chief engineer of Shanghai Schneider Risheng Machinery Group Co., Ltd., began to develop single-screw compressors in 1975. It has been 45 years since then and filled the blank of single-screw compressor production in the mid-1980s. The first-generation single-screw rotor was completed at 3 pm on September 29, 1975, patent number: 87.2 155 18.8