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Water-lubricated oil-free screw compressor
  • The whole machine ultra-quiet design, low speed high wind content cooling fan, use an increased cooler to reduce air convection friction. The stainless steel alloy material is used inside the whole machine system, ensuring durable, extending service life for your machine.

  • No need to add any lubricants, guaranteed from the source without oil and oil vapor, eliminating the pollution of oil to air terminal products, thereby reducing the cost of removing oil. Reduced product security issues, eliminating the risk of product pollution.

  • Class 0 Level Oil-oil compressed air is a green product in accordance with national energy-saving direction. Provide the best environmental protection energy for your factory.

  • Schneider Japan's oil-proof machine uses a single screw machine head with a small structure, the compressed air volume is higher, and the energy consumption is reduced while significantly increase the exhaust. Use the frequency conversion model to adjust the demand according to the air production, no unloading cycle, no unloading power consumption, steady start, to reduce the return on investment return period.