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Jiamusi Dongfang Thermal Power Plant

Jiamusi Dongfang Thermal Power Plant, affiliated to Jiamusi Power Plant, is located in the eastern suburbs of Jiamusi City, on the south bank of the beautiful Songhua River. The company has a total capacity of 98,000 kilowatts, a heating building area of 1.8 million square meters, a designed heat supply of 1.2 million GJ, and existing employees 897 People, the enterprise ownership form is state-owned, collective lease operation. Established on July 1, 1990.

Dongfang Thermal Power Plant implements a management system of "one director, three divisions" (factory director, chief engineer, chief economist, chief accountant). For many years, Dongfang Thermal Power Plant has insisted on “safety first, prevention first”, vigorously carried out equipment technological transformation and strengthened training. Strengthening management and other work safety production situation is stable. As of March 30, 1998, the company has achieved a total of 2828 days of safety records since the date of establishment of the plant. After the construction of Dongfang Thermal Power Plant, the output value of electric heating increased year after year, and the power generation was completed in 1997. The volume was 52.9 billion kWh, 37% more than in 1990, 1.473 million GJ of heat and power were supplied, which was 22.75% more than the designed heat supply, and the total output value was 159 million yuan, which was an increase of 126.98% from 1990. The profits and taxes were 12.73 million yuan. All indicators are the best records in history. At the same time, the company adheres to the path of large-scale development. It has successively established multiple entities such as smelting, coal yard, farm, and transportation fleet. The annual output value can reach 1.5 million yuan. In 1995 and 1996, he was awarded the honorary titles of Heilongjiang Province "Star Enterprise", Heilongjiang "Star Enterprise Model", Heilongjiang Province "Top 100 Star Enterprise Model", and was named Heilongjiang Province "Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise" in 1997. Recently, the company was awarded the 1997-1998 contract and trustworthy enterprise by Heilongjiang Province


        The company started to use 4 sets of SRC-100SA (flow rate 10m³/min, pressure 1.3MPa, voltage 3800V) air compressor from Shanghai Schneider Sunshine in 2010, which are mainly used for power plant instrument gas and pneumatic tool gas.