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Geely Automobile Group Jinan Automobile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten enterprises in China's automobile industry. Since entering the car field in 1997, it has achieved rapid development with a total asset value of more than 14 billion yuan by virtue of flexible operating mechanism and continuous independent innovation. It has entered the top 500 Chinese enterprises for six consecutive years and the top 10 Chinese automobile industry for four consecutive years. It has been rated as the first batch of national "innovative enterprises" and the first batch of "national automobile export base enterprises". It is an enterprise with "the fastest development speed and the best growth in China's automobile industry in 50 years".


Headquartered in Hangzhou, the group has six automobile and powertrain manufacturing bases in Linhai, Ningbo, Luqiao, Shanghai, Lanzhou and Xiangtan, Zhejiang, with an annual production capacity of 300000 complete vehicles, 300000 engines and transmissions.


The group has more than 30 varieties of vehicle products in eight series, including Geely free ship, Geely King Kong, geely vision, Geely panda, Shanghai Huapu and China dragon; It has eight series of 1.0l-1.8l engines and eight series of manual and automatic transmissions. All the above products have passed the national 3C certification and meet the emission standard of Euro III, and some products meet the emission standard of Euro IV. Geely has the full intellectual property rights of the above products.


The group has established a perfect marketing network in China, with nearly 500 4S stores and nearly 600 service stations; Invested nearly ten million yuan to establish a domestic first-class call center to provide users with 24-hour, 24-hour and fast service; It took the lead in implementing ERP management system and after-sales service information system in the domestic automobile industry, realizing the rapid response to user needs and the rapid processing of market information. The accumulated social ownership of Geely cars has exceeded 1.2 million, and the Geely trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China.


The group has established nearly 300 sales and service outlets overseas, set up factories in Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia and other countries for SKD / CKD assembly, production and sales, and achieved overseas sales of more than 100000 vehicles, ranking in the forefront of China's car exports.


The Group invested hundreds of millions of yuan to establish Geely Automobile Research Institute, which is located in Linhai; At present, the research institute has strong development ability of complete vehicle, engine, transmission and automotive electronics, and can launch 4-5 new models and models every year; The self-developed 4g18cvvt engine has a power rise of 57.2kw, which is at the level of "advanced in the world and leading in China"; The Z series automatic transmission independently developed and industrialized has filled the gap in the domestic automotive field and won the only first prize for scientific and technological progress in China's automotive industry in 2006; EPS, independently researched and developed, pioneered the domestic automotive electronic intelligent power steering system; At the same time, major breakthroughs have been made in the application of high and new technologies such as BMBS tire burst safety control technology, electronic balance technology and new energy vehicles; At present, 718 patents have been obtained, including more than 70 invention patents and 26 international patents; It is recognized as a national "enterprise technology center" and "postdoctoral workstation".


At present, the group has 12000 employees, including more than 1600 engineering and technical personnel, three academicians, more than 10 foreign experts, dozens of doctors, hundreds of masters, and hundreds of senior engineers and researcher level senior engineers. It has played an important role in all fronts of Geely and has become an important guarantee for Geely Automobile to catch up from behind.


The Group invested hundreds of millions of yuan to establish Beijing Geely University, Sanya College of Hainan University and Zhejiang automotive vocational and technical college, with more than 40000 students; Nearly 10000 graduates go to work every year, providing valuable talents for China's automobile industry and society; Entrusted by China Society of automotive engineering and invested by Geely Group, Zhejiang Institute of automotive engineering and its affiliated school of automotive marketing and School of business administration have more than 200 masters, doctors and EMBA students of automotive engineering studying with R & D projects and management topics; The establishment of "Geely Tongji Automotive Engineering Research Institute" in May 2007 created a new model of joint development and joint school running between private enterprises and colleges and universities.


In line with the quality policy of "making the safest, most environmentally friendly and most energy-saving car, always being responsible for the brand and always satisfying customers", the group pays close attention to the construction of quality system, and has passed ISO9000 quality system certification, TS16949:2002 quality management system certification and green environmental identification certification; In order to meet the needs of the international market, the EU's ECE, EEC, Gulf GGC and other international certification work have been fully launched.


Based on the development strategy of "overall following, local surpassing, key breakthrough, recruiting talents, combining vertical and horizontal, and catching up from behind", Geely has formulated a ten-year medium and long-term development plan: by 2015, Geely will have 15 series of 42 complete vehicles with both left and right rudders to meet the laws and consumption habits of various countries; It has 8 series engines and 7 series manual and automatic transmissions that meet the requirements of domestic and foreign laws and regulations; By 2015, Geely will form an annual production and marketing capacity of 2 million vehicles, build 15 production bases overseas, and achieve the goal of two-thirds export.


At present, Geely Group has entered a period of comprehensive strategic transformation. According to the business idea and strategy of "continue to summarize the successful experience and lessons of failure; continue to adhere to value marketing and brand marketing without price war; continue to improve technology added value, quality added value, service added value and brand added value" "Take the user as the center, take the order as the main line, take the product line as the basis, deepen the reform, scientific management and three chain coordination, so as to achieve high efficiency and high efficiency under high quality and low cost" We will continue to carry out technological innovation and management innovation, actively participate in international competition and cooperation, wholeheartedly realize the automobile dream of the Chinese people with advanced technology, high-quality products and subtle services, contribute to the rise of independent brands in China's automobile industry, and realize the goal of "building the safest, most environmentally friendly and most energy-saving car, and let Geely Automobile travel all over the world" And strive for our beautiful ideal.


The company started to use two SRC-470SAG (flow 60m³/min, pressure 0.8MPa, voltage 10000V) air compressors from Shanghai Schneider Sunshine in 2009, which are mainly used for machine tool power and purging in the press shop.