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Wuhan No.1 Hospital

The hospital was built in 1927 and was originally named "Hankou Municipal Hospital". It was renamed Wuhan First Hospital in May 1949. It was named "Wuhan Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital" by Wuhan Municipal People's Government in 1985. It is a large-scale comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. It is now the affiliated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital covers a total area of 175 acres. Its headquarters is located on Liji North Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan. It also has Hanxi Branch, Wuchang Dermatology Clinic, Hanyang Dermatology Clinic, Preparation Center and Panlong Rehabilitation Center. The hospital has 3,000 beds, 1,900 open beds, 2 million outpatient visits per year, 57,000 inpatients per year, 15,000 surgeries per year, and a bed utilization rate of 103.9%. The total asset value of the hospital is 1.81 billion yuan, of which the total value of equipment is 360 million yuan.

Technical advantages: The hospital has complete disciplines, abundant talents and first-class technical level. Among them, dermatology is a national key clinical specialty of the Ministry of Health, dermatology and spleen and stomach disease are key discipline construction units of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and dermatology, nephrology, gastroenterology, neurology, and acupuncture are the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are 15 key specialties, provincial and municipal key specialties. Wuhan "Hemodialysis Quality Control Center", "Nursing Quality Control Center", the province’s resident doctor training base and general practitioner clinical training base are all set up in this hospital, and there are also national TCM research three-level laboratories and national Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring Center of Ministry of Health, and Provincial Clinical Research Center of Infectious Skin Diseases. Each year, it completes nearly 20 scientific research achievements appraisal and publishes nearly 200 national journal papers. The construction of specialized disciplines and scientific and technological innovation capabilities are at the forefront of the province.

Talent advantage: The hospital has 2,100 employees, 1,780 professional and technical personnel, and the proportion of health and technical personnel is 85%. There are 230 senior professional and technical personnel, accounting for 13% of the professionals. There are 4 instructors from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 7 experts enjoying State Council allowances, 19 experts with government allowances from Hubei Province and Wuhan City, and famous veterans from all over the country. There are 4 TCM instructors, 5 TCM masters and famous TCM teachers in Hubei Province, and more than 20 national outstanding TCM talents, provincial and municipal medical outstanding talents, and outstanding academic leaders. The talent team is strong.

Equipment advantages: The hospital has the most advanced large-scale medical treatment such as magnetic resonance imaging machine, blood vessel flatbed machine, whole body spiral scanner, digital filming system, digital gastrointestinal system, tumor radiotherapy linear accelerator, tumor radiofrequency hyperthermia machine, excimer laser system, etc. Medical equipment. The hospital continues to increase investment in promoting informatization construction, and strive to build a digital hospital with a leading domestic level, and realize the informatization of medical services and management processes.

Management advantages: The hospital is rigorous in managing the hospital, insists on connotation construction, and strives to strengthen overall quality management. It has carried out a series of competitions such as "Culture Cup" and "Reading Year" with the theme of "Comparing quality, managing competition, and providing quality services to patients". , The service level has been improved, and the comprehensive management level of the hospital has received unanimous praise in the series of inspections such as "Chuangping Hospital", "Hospital Management Year", "Medical Quality Jingchu Xing" and "Clinical Reasonable Application of Antibacterial Drugs". The hospital adheres to the hospital training concept of “love the job, dedication to work, patient first, integrating Chinese and Western, and always striving for the first”. The staff of the hospital unite and forge ahead to promote the rapid development of various undertakings of the hospital. The comprehensive business and economic indicators continue to maintain the city’s health system First, it has laid a solid foundation for the impact on higher and stronger development goals. The hospital has successively won the "National Key Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine", "Advanced Unit of Hygiene Culture Construction in the National Health System", "National Women's Civilization Post", "Hubei Province Well-known Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital", "Hubei Province Youth Civilization", " "Wuhan Civilized Unit", "Wuhan May 1st Labor Certificate", "Wuhan Worker Pioneer", "Wuhan City's "Create Learning Unit and Strive to Be a Knowledge Worker" Red Flag Unit", "Wuhan City Health Industry Advanced Performance Management "Unit" and other honorable titles.

The company started to use one SRC-75SA (flow 9.8m³/min, pressure 0.8MPa, voltage 380V) air compressor from Shanghai Schneider sunshine in 2019, which is mainly used for the medical pendant system in the operating room of the hospital.