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China Salt Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd.


China Salt Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Salt Industry Corporation. It has more than 8,000 employees and total assets of 12.7 billion yuan. It is a company with advantages in resources, technology and equipment, management and products. Large-scale enterprises are also the 512 national key enterprises, the top 200 Chinese light industry enterprises, the 20 large-scale enterprise groups cultivated and supported by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first top 50 independent innovation enterprises, and the top 100 industrial enterprises with main business income.

Zhongyan Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has abundant reserves of lake salt resources, coal resources, and limestone resources; it has 400,000 tons/year polyvinyl chloride joint production equipment optimized for resource and energy support (including 400,000 tons/year polychloride Ethylene, 360,000 tons/year caustic soda, 640,000 tons/year calcium carbide, 2×135MW self-supplied power station, 1.06 million tons/year calcium carbide slag cement), the world’s largest production capacity of 45,000 tons/year sodium metal production equipment, national orders Sets of the largest production capacity of 150,000 tons/year sodium chlorate production equipment, China’s only 500 tons/year nuclear grade sodium production equipment, the country’s highly mechanized 1.5 million tons/year lake salt production equipment, and 350,000 tons/year soda ash production equipment Production equipment, 10,000 tons/year chlorinated isocyanuric acid production equipment, 10,000 tons/year chlorinated polyethylene production equipment, and the country’s largest Dunaliella salina cultivation and natural carotene extraction base; the company is located in Xingan, Jiangxi and Germany in Qinghai. Lingha, Qingdao in Shandong, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and Ordos have established branch companies, forming a cross-regional and cross-industry circular economy industrial chain integrating salt, salt chemical industry, energy chemical industry, and biopharmaceutical industry. Fast development.


The main products are polyvinyl chloride resin, caustic soda, metal sodium, sodium chlorate, high-purity sodium, salt, cement, calcium carbide, soda ash, liquid chlorine, high-purity hydrochloric acid, chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated isocyanuric acid, trimethyl orthoformate Fat, sodium methoxide, natural carotene and other salt chemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical products are sold throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions around the world.


Zhongyan Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd. aims to build a "first-class salt and salt chemical enterprise in western China", adhering to the enterprise spirit of "hard work, pioneering and innovation, unity and harmony", and sincerely welcomes the attention, support and joining of all sectors of the society , Develop together and create new brilliance hand in hand!


The company started to use Shanghai Schneider sunshine 10 sets of SRC-470SWG (flow 60m³/min, pressure 0.8MPa, voltage 10000V) in 2008, 8 sets of SRC-250W (flow 30m³/min, pressure 0.8MPa, voltage 380V) type The air compressor mainly provides the gas source for the company's nitrogen production workshop and the ash removal system of the cement branch.