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PF power frequency air compressor
  • The power-frequency compressor uses the industry-leading screw host, high efficiency, low speed, and the rotor adopts third generation tooth shape, leading excellent line design; with mute, energy saving, stable, high reliability and service life. The special motor of the special low speed screw air compressor is used, which is high in stability, and 3 to 5% efficient than the similar products. The straight-linking structure has no transmission loss, 100% transmission efficiency, low maintenance cost, convenient dismantling, greatly saving downtime. There is no loss in the same shaft, which reduces the lossless parts, and the transmission rate is 100%. Using a low-speed fan, long life. The cooler and fan can be disassembled independently, 20% cooling. Adapt to a 50 ° C a ambient temperature. The power frequency compressor is equipped with an intelligent control system, ensuring full automation intelligent operation, detecting on-site data such as row pressure, temperature, and controls the exhaust pressure between the preset pressure, thereby outputting a stable pressure through the intake valve. pressure.